Ceramic Coatings

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Ceramic Coatings

What is it?

An industry-grade, clear, liquid chemical solution that is applied to the exterior of a vehicle. It is designed to permanently bond to your vehicle’s clear coat, offering protection from external paint and environmental damage. Aside from its protective properties, Ceramic Coating will also provide a long-lasting, deep gloss and shine to your vehicle’s paint finish. Due its hydrophobic qualities (ability to repel water), it will also provide an ease of maintenance in removal of dirt, dust, and grime thus keeping your vehicle cleaner for much longer.

Best Protection
Easy Maintenance
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Ceramic Coatings

How Does it Work?

Platinum Ceramic Coating has a silicon carbide component that will molecularly bond to the factory clear coat of the vehicle, creating a new layer of protection. It is a permanent protective coating due to its chemical make-up and its ability to bond with the factory clear coat; it does not break down over time much like wax or paint sealants do and eliminates the need for re-application. Removal of ceramic coating is another complete process which requires physical removal such as wet sanding and cut polishing.

Ceramic Coatings

Why Use Ceramic Coatings?

Ceramic Coating is a superior alternative to waxing; It lasts much longer and prevents fine surface scratches and swirls. The hard coating is transparent and enhances the gloss and depth of your vehicle’s paint finish all while protecting it. Ceramic Coat warranties against paint fading and oxidation and is highly beneficial if you regularly park your vehicle outside. It also protects against environmental damage from UV light and harmful pollutants in the air/rain/snow. It helps to prevent industrial rail dust/fallout, bug acid, bird droppings and other contaminants from etching into the vehicle’s factory clear coat. Ceramic coating is highly hydrophobic which allows water-based liquids to ‘bead-off’ the vehicle, making it easier to keep clean and maintained over time.

Ceramic Coatings

Where can Ceramic Coatings be Applied?

Ceramic Coating is applied on all PAINTED surfaces of the vehicle’s exterior including rims and glass. It can also be applied to plastic, rubber/vinyl molding and trims, although it does not offer the same protection and warranty for these surfaces.

Ceramic Coatings

When Should Ceramic Coating Be Applied?

Ceramic coating is best applied on brand-new vehicles where the paint condition is most pristine. Doing so will require minimal prep work thus keeping the costs of application lower. It can also be applied on used vehicles, although, more prep work is required; The paint finish must be in the best possible condition prior to application as the Ceramic Coat will seal-in any scratches, stains, contaminants, and any imperfections that is currently on the vehicle’s surface. Application on used vehicles must be assessed firsthand before any quotes can be provided.

Ceramic Coatings

Who Installs Ceramic Coatings?

We recommend using trained professional installers only. Ceramic Coating must be applied thoroughly and meticulously for maximum results and benefits. The prep work before the application is just as important as the application itself. A trained installer will know how and what to prep before final installation as the paint finish is required to be in the best possible condition. Poor prepping and installation will result in costly removal and reapplication of the product.

Questions? Want to book an appointment? Book and appointment or get in touch with us regarding Ceramic Coatings for your vehicle

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