Welcome to South Pointe Detail and Collision Center, your premier auto detailing solution in Calgary, Alberta. As auto detailing experts, we offer an extensive array of professional services that allow us to customize and enhance your vehicle’s appearance, making it truly your own.


  • Degrease door handles, wheels/ tires and wheel wells & door jambs.
  • Power wash of vehicle front end to remove bug acid/residue (additional charges may apply if excessive or for complete removal )
  • Power-wash of wheels/tires and wheel wells.
  • Power-wash all rubber mats and apply rubber dressing.
  • Exterior hand-wash and dry.
  • Complete interior vacuum including trunk/hatch/storage areas.
  • Complete interior wipe-down of dash, cup-holders, consoles and instrument cluster.
  • Vinyl dressing where applicable and necessary.
  • Inside & out window cleaning.
  • Tire-dressing application.


Includes all DELUXE items PLUS:

  • Exterior clay-bar treatment/fallout removal  (additional charge for tar/tree sap removal)
  • Power-wash of door jambs/hatch seams.
  • Power-wash/shampoo carpet floor mats.
  • Spot-stain treatment and removal (subject to inspection).
  • Clean leather, door panels, vinyl/rubber trims and apply vinyl and rubber dressing.
  • Leather recondition application on all leather seats and surfaces.
  • Deodorize interior (spray application upon customer request).
  • Exterior Hand-wax application.


Includes all PREMIUM items PLUS:

  • Degrease, shampoo and power-wash engine bay.
  • Apply plastic and rubber dressing in engine bay.
  • Complete clean of wheels and all chrome trims & moldings (wheel acid treatment if applicable).
  • Cleaning of all exterior and interior door seals and plastic trims/panels.
  • Deep cleaning of all interior fabrics, leathers, plastics and vinyl parts.
  • Complete shampoo of all interior upholstery and carpet floors.
  • Complete headliner & window visors cleaning (subject to inspection/material type)
  • Complete dressing and re-conditioning of all rubbers, leathers, plastics and vinyl trims/panels.
  • Basic 2-stage polish: Removes light surface scratches and scuffs. Includes cut polish, swirl polish & hand wax application (additional charge for wet sand/polish and deep scratch removal)

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